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Pisapati family

New Kid on the block - SS Vishnu Teja Pisapati
Vishnu Teja from Vijayawada



A   small   foot   print   from   Tangutur
We would love to re-join our   friends & families who met us on this fantastic journey 
Tangutur, AP  to Bethlehem, PA!!
1950-1966: Tangutur, AP, India 
1966-1967: Rajahmundry, AP, India 
1967-1970: Kavali, AP, India
 1970-1972: Anantapur, AP, India 
1972-1974: IIT, Kanpur, UP, India 
1974-1975: ICAR, Hyderabad, AP, India 
1975-1976: IIT Kharagpur, WB, India 
1976-1979: BARC & IIT Bombay, India
 1979-1981: ISRO Shriharikota, AP, Inida 
1981-1983: ITC, Guntur, AP, India 
1983-1984: TELCO, Jamshedpur & Yojna, Memphis, TN 
1984-1986: TELCO & Yojna Detroit, MI 
1986-1988: CBSI & SWIFT, Culpeper, VA 
1988-1989: CBSI, Detroit, MI
 1989-1990: CBSI & Peoples Bank BridgePort, CT
 1990-1991: CBSI & Unisys Flemignton, NJ
1991-1994: DOCI & Unisys, Clinton, NJ
1994.....: Unisys, Blue Bell & Bethelhem, PA

In Memory of our founding fathers


PSR Koteswara Rao           SRR Mohan Rao
   Oct 29, 1921 - July 7, 2006  Aug 7, 1935 - Nov 12,2005

This site is dedicated to our founding fathers


All Relatives

Homepage first created in April 1995

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Most recent Pictures


Om Namo Surya Narayana!
Om Namo Nitya Narayana!
Om Namo Satya Narayana!

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